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D-Brand Your Nintendo!!!!!

dbrandlogo.pngD-brand is on it Bruh!!

D-brand is on the ball guys.  If you guys want to create a personalize, customize and trick out your switch or any other device, D-brands got you.

Check it out by clicking the link bellow or the example picture.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.41.58.png

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Track your Splatoon stats with SplatNet – Nintendo Official Site for Splatoon Released!!!

Nintendo has released their new web page for Splatoon. (Splatoon is there latest first person shooter IP)
This is very exciting news because of what the website is capable of doing. Obviously the web page has really cool and useful features. And with these features Nintendo has made it easy for everyone to login in to the website, all you have to do is login with your Nintendo ID.

Okay so the main features are as follows.

  1. Check Your Rank
  2. You are able to check the online status of your friends.
  3. (use full for Youtubers and Twitch player) You can use this site to automatically tweet to your followers, and let them know you’re about to or are playing.
  4. Checking gear on your squidling that is currently on.
  5. View important events and upcoming features to the game.
  6. View info on the weapons and Strategy Guide.

This website was tailor made for this game which means its going to keep being updated. So for Fans of Splatoon this will be something you will have to check out and see.

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Info From: Track your Splatoon stats with SplatNet – Nintendo Official Site.