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Capcom Pro Tour Day 1


©Capcom live video from CapcomFighters on

Bro its lit!! So we just wrapped up the first day of Capcom Pro Tour and we had some exciting matches. Watch tomorrow for the next sets.

Tomorrows Schedule:
Saturday July 16thEventTime (PDT)


CAPCOM FIGHTERS StreamQuarter Finals6PM – 8PM

SRKEVO1 StreamSemi-Finals8PM – 10PMSRKEVO2 StreamSemi-Finals8PM – 10PMCAPCOM FIGHTERS StreamSemi-Finals8PM – 10PM


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Capcom Pro Tour Street Fighter IV – CEO 2015 Finals



We had some really Strong competition this year but the Finales of this Event in particular was one of the most fierce. In the finals today we had:

801 Strider  vs Kazunoko


These people where intense in both the semi finales as well as the finales. 801Strider definitely had the skills to be the winner at this tournament but he seemed to have missed his winning chance on both occasions against Kazunoko.
But over all the person who seemed to have more knowledge of the game an how to counter was definitely Kazunoko.
And don’t get me wrong 801Strider was a very good strategist but he ultimately fail to see openings and Kazunoko took advantage to make really good comebacks and really good pressure.

According to the interview with Kazunoko after the match, he mentioned that USA’s level of competition and over all play has definitely caught up with that of Japans. This is great news since USA has failed to win any EVO championships in Street Fighter. But hey maybe with players like 801Strider and Balrog we might be able to win this year. Will have to wait 3 weeks to find out.
(Pictures from Capcom Pro Tour website)
if you missed the match live here is a video. (starts at 12:02)

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Super Smash Bros. Ryu Guide

Super Smash Bros 4 Ryu Combos:

Special Moves.
the input commands can be used anyway Ryu is facing.
B = special attack button;  A = attack button



Hadouken: Iconic
Smash input: B / special Button
Street Fighter Input: Joy stick- Quickly input down, down-forward, forward + A or B for a stronger version.
command01_01ryu facing right

Added effects:

  • If you do this combo in the air you will glide forward slightly,
  • This move is useful for stunning your opponent enough for you to attack after words or dodge and attack.


Shakunetsu Hadoken:
Smash input: none
Street Fighter Input: 
 Joy stick- Quickly input back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward + A or B

command01_02ryu facing right

Added effects: This Hadoken will be a lot stronger and will last longer with a a drilling effect and kick back.



Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Iconic
Smash input: side+ B(special)
Street fighter Input: Quickly input,  down, down-back, back + A or B
command02ryu facing right

Added effect: 

  • if used in the air, it allows Ryu to glide forward.
  • Has priority over lots of moves.
  • great for recovery since you will be able to use Shoriyuken after


Shoryuken: Iconic
Smash input:
up+ B(special) 
Street Fighter Input:
 Quickly input forward, down, down-forward + A or B
command03ryu facing right

Added effect:

  • If timed right you will be able to hit sweet spot that will launch your foe with critical damage.
  • this move double as a recovery move,(use with prior move)


Focus Attack: StreetFighter VI(4)
Smash Input: 
down+ B
Street Fighter Input: none

Added effect:

  • This move has the ability to stun your foe and leaving them open to a follow up attack
  • Focus Attack will allow Ryu to not flinch when preforming this move.
  • Full charge can cause shield break

The command lists under Street Fighter Input can be used with Ryu facing either way. The picture command list is just for reference, and is for Ryu facing right.

Standard moves. Light medium and Heavy.
A = attack button 

Attacks strength is dependent on how long you hold the Attack button.

Single hit:
A Press: Single punch
A Press and hold: High round kick

Dash Attack:
forward run + A: jumping Mid-air kick

Side attack:
Forward tilt+A press: Kick
Forward tilt+A press and Hold: collarbone Breaker (shield breaker)

Up attack :
Up tilt + A press: up hit: light up punch
Up tilt + A press and Hold: heavy up punch

Down attack :
Down tilt + A press: up hit : leg sweep.
Down tilt + A press and Hold: Medium feet kick


Grab: Z button (grab button)
Grab attack: Z(grab) the press A repeatedly; can combo with throws
Forward throw: Z(grab) then  forward + A : over the shoulder throw
Back throw: Z(grab) then Back + A : backwards judo throw
Up throw: Z(grab) then Up + A: upwards kick 
Down throw: Z(grab) then Down + A: throws opponent on the ground then elbows them

Three hit combos:

press A+A+A : triple punch
Grab A+A+A: Grab triple hit

Other: my own combos three hit combos.
A+A + leg sweep(down tilt + A): Double punch leg sweep
High round kick + dash: High Round kick Dash
A+A + Collarbone breaker: Bait shield breaker
Leg Sweep + side smash + Hadouken : Swift throw 

Smash attacks: the longer you hold it the stronger the hit is. 
Side smash (Joudan Sokutogeri ):  Hold Side(left or right)+A
Up smash:     Hold Up + A;
Down smash: Hold Down +a

Final Smash special attack:(Smash orb required)
This the only character so far with two final smashes.
B = special attack button

  • Shin Shoryuken: press B when you are really close to some one to do a Shoryuken Finisher
  • Shinku Hadoken: press B when far away from your opponent to releases a large Hadoken that sucks nearby opponents into it and drags them a distance then exploding.

Super Smash bros website

Hope this guide helps you and if you have questions leave them in the comments bellow.