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PlayStation® – E3 2016 Press Conference

Sony’s Press Conference was indeed a pretty good one this year if not the best of all the Conferences of this E3.

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Watch Here if you haven’t watched it 

There are a lot of games that people have been waiting for and a lot of new games people where not expecting (remakes and truly new).  My top 3 favorite games in this Conference were: Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit Become Human, and Final Fantasy 15 and 15VR


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E3 Schedule!! :)

Here is the schedule That has been set out for E3! And we are all hoping for the best this year though it’s going to be hard to surpass last years HYPE!!!
But we will give them a chance.


– Sunday, June 12 – 4pm ET

Bethesda – Sunday, June 12 – 10pm ET

Microsoft – Monday, June 13 – 12:30pm ET

Ubisoft – Monday, June 13 – 4pm ET

Sony – Monday, June 13 – 9pm ET

Nintendo Treehouse Live – Tuesday, June 14 – 12pm ET

Personally waiting for that Legend of Zelda stuff Nintendo is going to show off.   Lets hope its lit.

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~  Zarems

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue E3 2016 Trailer

Hey there everyone we got the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer for the upcoming E3 early/ And let me tell ya it was pretty amazing. If you haven’t watched it i suggest you go and watch it before continuing to read.

Now that you have read it let’s continue with what we saw here. In the beginning we see Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD which shows us if Sora and Riku can have the true mark of mastery. (if you haven’t played it yet it’s available on the 3ds)

– Then we see a new Kingdom Hearts game or rather a game we have been wanting ever since birth by sleep; Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep–A Fragmentary Passage. This game features Aqua from birth by sleep and what happened to her since the events of that game.

– After that we were shown a game or rather a cinematic movie called Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. This story tells of what happened way before birth by sleep and it will definitely give us  a better understanding of this world and how everything happened.

Its definitely going to be a long wait till this game is released but this trailer did re-ignite the KH-hype Train. Personally I have been waiting for Aqua’s story. Lefts hope we get a bit
more info at E3 on June 14, 2016.

Here is a story time line for this game if you are confused.KH3-Unchained-Int_06-16-15_001.jpg

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