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RWBY Vol. 4 out on the 22 of October!!

RWBY Volume 4 is almost here just 21 more days till premier.


copyright: ROSTER THEET

This season in my perspective should be one of the best so far, just due to all the mysteries that were left behind in Vol. 3

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RWBY SoundTrack is available

Hey there everyone, RWBY Volume 3 SoundTrack is out but currently only on iTunes. This Volume comes with 30 tracks. 10 of which are songs and 20 are score. I will be on the lookout for when this is available on other platforms and in a physical format. But for now go ahead an check and buy this Album on iTunes (link below)

Other soundtracks from the show.

RWBY_Volume_1_Soundtrack_Cover      RWBY_Volume_2_Soundtrack_Cover

Rooster Teeth(Volume 1&2)

Only Volume 2


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RWBY Season 3 is Here

SEASON 3 is around the Corner!!!


So if you haven’t heard Season 3 of RWBY by Roster Teeth will be out on OCT 24, 2015.
The hype is real guys.


Season 3 Episode #1 will be released on October ,24, 2015 at 10am Central Time (8 am Pacific, 11am Eastern).
Sadly this is only for sponsors. If you are not a sponsor you will have to wait 1 day more.
Basically It will Release for Public Viewing on: October ,25, 2015 at 10am Central Time or so.

Official Website: RWBY OFFICIAL  

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