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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue E3 2016 Trailer

Hey there everyone we got the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer for the upcoming E3 early/ And let me tell ya it was pretty amazing. If you haven’t watched it i suggest you go and watch it before continuing to read.

Now that you have read it let’s continue with what we saw here. In the beginning we see Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD which shows us if Sora and Riku can have the true mark of mastery. (if you haven’t played it yet it’s available on the 3ds)

– Then we see a new Kingdom Hearts game or rather a game we have been wanting ever since birth by sleep; Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep–A Fragmentary Passage. This game features Aqua from birth by sleep and what happened to her since the events of that game.

– After that we were shown a game or rather a cinematic movie called Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. This story tells of what happened way before birth by sleep and it will definitely give us  a better understanding of this world and how everything happened.

Its definitely going to be a long wait till this game is released but this trailer did re-ignite the KH-hype Train. Personally I have been waiting for Aqua’s story. Lefts hope we get a bit
more info at E3 on June 14, 2016.

Here is a story time line for this game if you are confused.KH3-Unchained-Int_06-16-15_001.jpg

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Van X Nintendo Collection is here!


Vans and Nintendo unveiled on June 3rd an extensive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories celebrating the early years in Nintendo’s history.
“Vans presents exclusive graphic prints using 8-bit inspired artwork and characters from Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda, as well as an assortment inspired by Nintendo’s first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).”(What’s New)
This partnered collection is available for both adults and children.
To view all 70 items from this collaboration visit the official site at:

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OverWatch Game Released, and animated short#4

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Overwatch is finally out (5/24/16) and its honestly one of the best games I have played in a very long time. Its very fresh in terms of how to play and how all the characters where designed.

Basic Info on OverWatch:
Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: First-person shooter/Co-op (with moba like elements)
Platforms its on are: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Over all a very good game. Its initial start from beta to release has been rather smooth.
The game is not very easy at first but over time the controls become almost second nature in my experience. The character design is very impressive no one is a clone of any other character they are all unique in there own way. This make for a very interesting game and matches aren’t monotonous with this diverse cast of characters. Though we do see the more popular characters a lot more often.
Rate: 5/5 for game overall . 

Now on to what has really impressed me from the OVERWATCH game which are the shorts. This particular short has to be my favorite animated short made so far by Blizzard. I really like how all the characters in this game have a really well made back story and the characters are very divers. These shorts give the viewer the desire to know more and play the characters in each of the shorts.
Enjoy the short and make sure to watch the other ones if you haven’t yet.

Thank for reading and watching hope you enjoyed and see ya out in overwatch world.

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RWBY SoundTrack is available

Hey there everyone, RWBY Volume 3 SoundTrack is out but currently only on iTunes. This Volume comes with 30 tracks. 10 of which are songs and 20 are score. I will be on the lookout for when this is available on other platforms and in a physical format. But for now go ahead an check and buy this Album on iTunes (link below)

Other soundtracks from the show.

RWBY_Volume_1_Soundtrack_Cover      RWBY_Volume_2_Soundtrack_Cover

Rooster Teeth(Volume 1&2)

Only Volume 2


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Disney Infinity Discontinued


Disney has announced that they are Discontinuing on the Disney Infinity line and its self-publishing console games business altogether.
The results of Disney doing this has caused a $147 million charge in the Walt Disney Company’s Quarter two earnings.

The Disney Interactive blog, has an entry regarding this issue/matter.
“By now you may have heard the news that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Disney Infinity. From the beginning, Disney Infinity was built for you—our fans—and I wanted to take a moment to thank you not just for your support over the years, but for creating a community that made Disney Infinity more than just a game.

Our goal for Disney Infinity was to bring the best of Disney storytelling to life in homes around the world, and with your support we accomplished that. We hope you had as much fun playing the game as we had making it.

So what’s next for Disney Infinity? We have two final retail releases coming, including three new characters from Alice Through the Looking Glass later this month, and the Finding Dory Play Set launching in June.” ~JOHN BLACKBURN, SVP & GM, DISNEY INFINITY

So as we can see Disney Interactive still has plans to put out two more releases these are based on the two movies that Disney Has coming out Alice Through the Looking Glass and the Finding Dory. 

Disney Infinity had a good run but Disney has apparently no more interest in continuing this Project any further. So we will miss you Disney Infinity and will be looking out for that last two lines.



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Only Yesterday – (Studio Ghibli) by Isao Takahata

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Trailer: Only Yesterday



A film by Isao Takahata
Japan, 118 min.

It’s 1982, and Taeko (Daisy Ridley) is 27 years old, unmarried, and has lived her whole life in Tokyo. She decides to visit her relatives in the countryside, and as the train travels through the night, memories flood back of her younger years: the first immature stirrings of romance, the onset of puberty, and the frustrations of math and boys. At the station she is met by young farmer Toshio (Dev Patel), and the encounters with him begin to reconnect her to forgotten longings. In lyrical switches between the present and the past, Taeko contemplates the arc of her life, and wonders if she has been true to the dreams of her childhood self.

From Academy Award®-nominated director Isao Takahata (The Tale of The Princess Kaguya) and general producer Hayao Miyazaki, Only Yesterday is a masterpiece of time and tone, rich with humor and stirring emotion, and beautifully animated by one of the world’s most revered animation studios. Critically acclaimed but never before released in North America, the film is receiving a national theatrical release in a new, Studio Ghibli-produced, English-language version in celebration of its 25th anniversary.
~Summery by Gkids


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