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New Character Linkle announced for Hyrule Warriors Legends (Nintendo Direct)

Linkle Is the New original character for Hyrule Warriors Legends.
She is basically the Female Link.
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Cloud Trailer for Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS (Nintendo Direct)



Cloud Strife Released for smash LET THE HYPE BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo finally did the un-thinkable.
Honestly this was so left-field that no one thought about it, or at least no one where I live thought that i would be possible. Also More News on Smash in December 2015!!!!!!
Guys just enjoy this video and If you want a reaction video look at the second video of my dude Etika.

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Charlotte Anime CD Album now available!!

The Opening and Ending songs of the Anime Charlotte just dropped.
If you like this anime, the songs and or the singers this is a must buy.
There are 2 different CD albums you can get, essentially one of the albums comes with DVD animation of the opening and ending the other does not.

Artists: Lia / Aoi Tada 
Songs: Bravely You (OP)
Yake Ochinai Tsubasa (ED)

You are able to buy this album at these location online:

If you haven’t heard this song i suggest you do and here is a clip of the TV Opening, The full version in my opinion is way better.  Any questions Please let me know.

Youtube: Bravely You (opening) TV SIZE

(I do not own the video nor any of its content)