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When Marnie Was There (Blu-ray + DVD) – Studio Ghibili Film

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So I know this came out October 6th, 2015(this year), I just didnt get around to writing about the Blue ray / DVD release date.
So here it is!!
When Marnie Was There has Finally been released in the US on Blue-ray and DVD
If interested in finding out more about the movie it self I will leave a Trailer at the End of this Entry/Post.Also I will leave my review on this movie in a link. >>When Marnie Was There (REVIEW)<<
Also if your looking for pictures you can click on the gallery or the Review post has them as well if the gallery in the corner has changed pictures by the time you read this, LOL.

Okay so now the important info about this Post, Where to buy for best Prices(pleas compare your self as prices fluctuate):
Buy at:

Blue-ray + DVD

DVD only

Alright so thanks for reading this post and I hope you guys are able to buy this really amazing movie.
And as promised here is the Trailer and also some interviews as an added bonus.


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